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Supreme Court Reverses Second Circuit, Upholds Class Arbitration Waiver

The Supreme Court today placed another nail in the class arbitration coffin, holding that a class action waiver is valid even if it effectively prevents a plaintiff from pursuing a federal antitrust case. In American Express Co. v. Italian Colors,

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Supreme Court Nixes Use of DMV Records to Solicit Class Action Plaintiffs

The Supreme Court held yesterday that attorneys who use personal information from motor vehicle records to solicit class action plaintiffs do not fall within the “litigation” exception to a federal driver’s privacy law. In Maracich v. Spears, the Court addressed

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Supreme Court Upholds Class Arbitration Order

The Supreme Court yesterday upheld an arbitrator’s decision that a contractual clause requiring that “all” disputes be submitted to arbitration authorizes classwide arbitration. But like many of the Court’s recent opinions in the class arbitration area, its latest ruling turns

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