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Supreme Court to Review Grant of Certification in Comcast Class Action

The Supreme Court will delve further next term into the interplay between class certification and rulings on the merits, reviewing the Third Circuit’s affirmance of class certification in an antitrust suit against Comcast. The Court today granted certiorari in Comcast

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“Mistakes Were Made”: Excessive Rates, Excessive Hours, and Fiduciary Duties in Class Actions

The concept of fiduciary duties has existed since the inception of the legal profession and plays an integral role in class actions. Class counsel serve as both advocates and fiduciaries to members of the class and are charged with acting

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Exploiting Inadequate Class Discovery

A recent federal case in Texas illustrates the importance of discovery in a class certification motion—and how a defendant can exploit the failure to obtain discovery on even the most fundamental class allegations. In Pfeffer v. HSA Retail, Inc., a

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