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Ninth Circuit Opinion Could Limit Nationwide Consumer Class Actions

A recent Ninth Circuit decision imposed substantial commonality restraints on multijurisdictional class actions, restraints that the dissenting judge called “devastating to consumers.” The Ninth Circuit decertified a class of automobile buyers in a false advertising lawsuit, holding that (i) differences

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Seventh Circuit: Antitrust Class Certification Doesn’t Require Uniform Price Increases

The Seventh Circuit last week held that class certification in a class action alleging unlawful price increases does not require a showing that prices increased uniformly for all products at issue or for all members of the class. In doing

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When Class Counsel Crosses an Ethical Line

Class actions allow for the aggregation of numerous small claims into what can prove to be a very large payday for the lawyers representing the class. On the one hand, this mechanism allows plaintiffs with small-value claims to vindicate rights

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