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Class Certification: A Bad Time to Alienate the Judge

Counsel seeking to certify a class must demonstrate to the court, among other things, counsel’s own adequacy as a representative of the class. As a recent Seventh Circuit opinion instructs, counsel seeking such a finding would do well to avoid

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The Complications of Certifying a Class in an MDL Proceeding

A recent federal court decision from Missouri in litigation involving Bisphenol-A (“BPA”) reads like a law school “issue-spotter” exam on class certification. In denying motions to certify various classes in multidistrict litigation, the court’s comprehensive opinion is instructive as to

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Customer Database Becomes Handy Tool for Notice to Class Members

Providing notice to class members in a product liability action is rarely easy, as few manufacturers maintain detailed lists of the customers who purchase their products. A recent ruling in a tobacco class action warns companies who do maintain such information

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